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Social eCommerce startup makes you an entrepreneur upon sign up
Everr wanted to buy a product but couldn't find it? You asked around from family and friends and they still didn't know where to get it? You changed course and headed to a full blown market but still got back empty? Then finally, you visited a really popular eCommerce website with the certainty of getting it and still couldn't find it?! This situation gets awkward and annoying because you keep seeing a lot of people moving around with what you wanted to buy. 

Finally, you resulted to Twitter and Facebook to ask, and you got a few replies with negative results. There you have it, you're stuck. You decide no one you know has what you want or it doesn't exist. We face this challenges everyday, and wish we had an online environment where we could ask for a product if we couldn't just get it there or any where else. That's what's new in Nigeria. It's is a social eCommerce platform that connects buyers and sellers in an environment where they can own a personalized free online social store, post products, post shop questions, connect to other stores, directly message a merchant, watch product videos, view product search trends, like products, search based on interests, and close transactions while making weigh higher sales. It brings your existing products closer to your customers, friends and the world.

Opiid is open for everyone between the ages of 13 and above, and is geared towards reducing unemployment and poverty by changing the direction of the average African towards an environment where they can make sales and purchases faster and cheaper at highly competitive prices than they would in a physical shop. Opiid is the future of eCommerce, it's here to stay, and moves to change the lives and shopping experiences of everyone that makes a first contact.
So, what are you waiting for?! Sign Up already!! It's easy and it's free!!!
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Okey!    09.Feb.2014

I Rep IT JAKES YOU ( A Book Of Inspiration By Linda Ikeji)
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Dee Tee
Tnx for sharing    09.Feb.2014
Brilliant idea...over to already!    09.Feb.2014
Gadgets freak
this nice. but what makes it different from ecommerce sites like vconnect, nairaland, OLX,etc. we like to sign up but need to know why is unique compare to others    09.Feb.2014
Chibuike Chukwuemeka
Nice one, i appreciate all the young innovative mind in Nigeria creating and developing products/services that enhance the way we live here Nigeria, Africa. Thanks linda for the publicity even "though them pay" you are our own Time, Washington Post, and no not Forbes' business insider,for the opiid founders dnt feel bad because people didn't comment much on the post just keep pushing, Nigerians will welcome this one but dnt f""k it up.    09.Feb.2014
Ok    09.Feb.2014
Lepa shandy
Blah blah blah
Too much story
so innovative, a platform to earn money. Keep it up    09.Feb.2014
Nice. A lot of people have that problem and it can be really annoying    09.Feb.2014
Anonymous    09.Feb.2014
Everytin is becoming so easy dis days..tank God for technology advancement..but menn ds its free i no too trust am    09.Feb.2014
Michael Ekundayo
Nice setup concepts.
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keep it up    09.Feb.2014
Super duper cool! Dear Nigeria, Welcome to innovative times!    09.Feb.2014
Nice    10.Feb.2014
Enny Sastoro


No !!!

Dont Open
"...This situation gets awkward and annoying because you keep seeing a lot of people moving around with what you wanted to buy..."

So, why not ask the people where they got theirs from instead?
this one as i understand, makes you own platforms like, etc, for free. So, it is actually bringing all and more on the same place. Good idea.    10.Feb.2014
oki ibrahim
Creative    10.Feb.2014
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Steve Joys
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Imran khan
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